안녕하세요~ 간니&닌니입니다
간니&닌니 자매가 경험하는 모든것들을 담은 영상일기입니다~
장난감,영화,음식,게임 등~ 다양한 주제를 담은 일상의 이야기로
온가족이 함께 즐길 수 있는 HAPPY TIME을 선물해 드릴께요~
우리 매일 만나요~~~ ^^

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Hi, everyone
This episode tells all about our sister’s everyday affair.
A series of a video diary illustrate all kinds of things my children love including toys, movies,
foods, games, and travels.
We are hoping to share with you and your family all about our exciting experience.
See you everyday !!!
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