Welcome to PierreG ASMR channel. Join us and relax, let your body rest and forget your worries.

I try to create some nice triggers like whispering, soft spoken voice, tapping on things, crinkly sounds, roleplay and sure tingles. Sometimes, I might make some personal attention videos too.

My hope is that with different kinds of sounds, you can fall asleep fast, relax while you study or work and forget your worries. You might also just enjoy this brain massage induced by a tingly sensation or tingles.

I make videos in 4 languages: Korean, Japanese, French and English.
한국말, 일본어, 프랑스어와 영어로 ASMR 동영상을 만듭니다.
J'aimerais mettre en ligne des vidéos ASMR en coréen, japonais, français et anglais.

I upload new videos almost everyday. If you wish to join the Republic of Tingles, join us and subscribe!
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