My name is Aratz , welcome to my channel, I love to create figures and models with my 3D printing pens, trying new methods and always exploring what is possible to make with them. Take a look to the channel and Subscribe to watch all my creations, figures, artworks, tutorials, reviews, giveaways and more.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to watch exclusive content and upcoming works, Stay tuned ! Thank you!

Feel free to contact me with any suggestions for my channel at


 3D Pen / boli 3d / lapiz 3d/ pluma 3d / 3D РУЧКА / 3Д РУЧКА / 3d penna / 3D Kugelschreiber / 3D stift / 3d στυλό / 3 차원 펜 / 3d stylo / caneta 3d / 3d penne / القلم 3D
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